Inspiration 1. Egyptian Beetle and History

I have been interested in the Egyptian Culture, especially their objects, jewellery, amulets and strong believes since I started doing my final project in 2019.

Firstly, I researched on the Egyptian Beetle and History. The scarab amulets were made in the shape of the sacred scarab beetle as known as a dung beetle.

I was interested in the Egyptian people’s strong belief’s in the afterlife and the beetle is very closely linked to these beliefs.  According to The Adorned Afterlife Research Network in Edinburgh in 2012, a singular item of adornment on the Rhind Mummy was shown a piece of beetle in metal. The metal work from the research gave me an idea for the scale of my neck piece.

I was drawn into the fact that the Egyptians placed the beetle over the heart of the decreased person believing that when they died, their heart might speak to them again while the beetle would say good things about them.

Another interesting fact I found out during my research was, dung beetles always push round dung balls that they create and that the Egyptian people believed the dung beetle was a form of the sun god. I expressed the beetle holding the neck parts together as the sun gods would in ancient Egyptian times. Each movement of the dung beetle had huge meanings to the Egyptians.

I found the scarab beetle had a powerful amulet to Egyptians and decided to express the heart beetle in my style as my final project.

I would like to carry on focusing on the Egyptian beetle and history for my jewellery collections in the future because I found out there are lots of sources and information of the Egyptian history.



I am interested in Jewellery and love jewellery. I also love fashion because they are very closely connected. I would say as a family? born to be together.

I just finished university as a graduated jewellery designer. I have been thinking about what I really want to be in the future, how I can approach the jewellery industry to be a jewellery designer, and also how I will be enjoying my life as a jewellery designer.

Many thoughts..thoughts… I am seeking advice from various types of people. Sharing my thoughts is always right.

Recently I have been doing an internship at Vipa Design in Melton mowbray, UK. I made friends who are working for the company and also who have good connections with Vipa Design. It is really important to get out of my bed and do anything to enjoy because no one knows where a chance can come to you.

I have talked to the people and got advice from them. Firstly, I should believe myself to make my dream come true. Secondly, I do not give up my aim whatever happens. Finally, I need to show my passion of jewellery because I strongly want to be a jewellery designer in the future.

I will start blogging here to share what I have learnt, found and got any information of jewellery and fashion with my thoughts, of course!

Any feedback I would like to take 🙂 Thank you for taking your time.