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Taekyoung Yun is from Seoul, South Korea.

Taekyoung studied Jewellery Design and Related Products(BA) for 2 years and she is currently studying Design for Industry (DFI) for her final year at School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University, United Kingdom.

During her BA course, Taekyoung joined an evening course to learn Matrix which is one of the most popular jewellery modelling software programmes. As she did not have the experience to use the software before, it took 3months to learn the basic tools to create the jewellery designs she wanted. In January 2018, she entered the Goldsmiths competition and got the bronze award for 2D CAD presentation. It was a remarkable memory for her.

Taekyoung realised that she has a strong creative design idea from her inspiration knows how she can develop as the final piece(s) of jewellery. She wants to combine her unique 2D drawing ideas and 3D software techniques because it gives different visual perspectives. To achieve her ambitions, she decided to transfer her BA course to DFI.

Whenever she has problems, university projects, environments, her health or finance, Taekyoung never gives up her study and tries to overcome the negative things, which has made her stronger than before.

In her childhood her mother who used to design clothes, which influenced Taekyoung to have unique eyes for fashion and jewellery senses. She had lots of chances to look at colours, fashion shows, Art & Design graphically from various types of magazines that were subscribed by her mother.

Especially, she has always worn black clothes and regarded a dark style as vital to her aesthetics. That led her to think about jewellery because, without jewellery, the black style usually does not stand out. She needed an eye-catching to somehow show her full fashion sense. This was the reason why she started having an interest in the Jewellery Industry and decided to have lots of experience to study in the UK and broaden her horizons in the world.

Taekyoung loves travelling that makes her inspired by anything that she sees, feels, hears and smells in the world. She is influenced by the beauty or spectacle of nature, landscapes, patterns, architecture, atmosphere, like the surrounding of her in lots of places around the world.

The inspiration for her is an essential part of the creating jewellery design in her own style. Sometimes she is able to design easily or very quickly, from generating 2D to making 3D prototype processes.

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