Three different elements: sprayers, water and cactus

Three different elements: sprayers, water and cactus

By Taekyoung Yun

Wax hand carving

The various shapes of cacti inspired my work. To maintain their lives, cacti have their own water storage system inside of their bodies to which inspired me to consider irrigation methods and particularly old fashioned sprayers. Additionally, water is a symbol of life and is a vital element for plant life and because of this, is a component of many horticulture stories. I considered how I can combine these three different elements: sprayers, water and cactus shapes; to create unique and meaningful medal.

The shape of the medal is seemingly a continuous loop of cacti that is reminiscent of an infinite loop, however, amongst the cactus’ arms protrudes the spout of a sprayer and coming from under the cactus is a dripping water tap. This represents the importance of water in horticulture and man’s efforts to replicate natures infinite ability to maintain life.

length 6.6cm x width 8.95cm x height 1.87cm