Aesthetic But Balanced

By Taekyoung Yun

Aesthetic But Balanced [2019]
Material: silver and hallmark
Size(L/W/H): 56X27.2X14.2(mm)
Process: CAD software programme: Matrix, rhino, Z-brush and Oxidising

Inspiration by patterns of a glass of buildings while I was travelling in Edinburgh and London.
The main idea of my design is a combination of ‘Balance’ and ‘Aesthetics’.
It shows not only a nice shape of two snakes, one of them is stable while the other one is holding it for ‘balance’,
and keep its balance when it is worn on the body but also an aesthetic design.

How to wear?
You need to put the snake into your ear which should be between the tail and head of the snake and wear the pin through a hole on the head.

3D printing as purple wax which is a very delicate and new and
casting the file in Silver, used the oxidising technique for making it darker, cleaning and polishing
(tried to keep the patterns of the front part of earring that was the way I put strong sprues in Rhino)
and used the laser technique for Hallmark in the Assay Office in Birmingham.