The Heart Beetle Commercial Collection (2019)

My main work will be a large-scale necklace that will demonstrate CAD skills, traditional bench techniques, creative design and also a combination of different materials and precious metal.

The rest of the pieces of jewellery will indicate the possibilities to be produced commercially. Having completed my first two years study on the BA Jewellery Design & Related Products, I wanted to use this body of work to showcase my skills in design as well as on the practical side. 

I created The Heart Beetle as a commercial collection of jewellery, mainly ‘Bracelets and earrings’

Bracelet Silver with black spinel (left) and synthetic sapphire (right) in oxidising

Silver earrings in oxidising

| Left oxidising and polishing | Right only oxidising without polishing

  • Selling available –

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I am a jewellery student in the UK. I strongly have interest in Jewellery and Fashion. As a student, I want to keep my own projects on my website. I would like to communicate with anyone to share and build up with ideas and inspirations of the design fields with amazing people.

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