Shadow Ring

Shadow Ring: Something Precious project

By Taekyoung Yun

Material: gold-plated gilding metal

My favourite piece of jewellery is ‘Shadow Ring’ that was my first design since I started focusing on my major at School of Jewellery. This project called ‘Something Precious’. I really considered what is my something precious? My dream? Family? And any objects surround me? It could be anything for me.Paragraph

I explored my something precious deeply and found ‘Shadow’ that might have secret because it seems to hide its own precious/ identity. Shadow makes me observe in depth and different ways which mean that I can imagine unique shapes and create my own original jewellery from the shadow. I flashed a light in shadow in several perspectives and found patterns. I used one of them from my experiment as the main part and made the big piece of shadow ring because I wanted to express how I imagined with the shadow and looked any objects in different ways. So, when you look at something through the ‘Shadow Ring’ you will see parts of the object in different ways or you might see an interesting part of the object that you have not expected.

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I am a jewellery student in the UK. I strongly have interest in Jewellery and Fashion. As a student, I want to keep my own projects on my website. I would like to communicate with anyone to share and build up with ideas and inspirations of the design fields with amazing people.

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