Three different elements: sprayers, water and cactus

By Taekyoung Yun Wax hand carving The various shapes of cacti inspired my work. To maintain their lives, cacti have their own water storage system inside of their bodies to which inspired me to consider irrigation methods and particularly old fashioned sprayers. Additionally, water is a symbol of life and is a vital element for […]

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Tea Set

Tea Set By Taekyoung Yun From the second term, I learnt about essential bench production techniques such as lathe, vacuum forming, spinning, laser cutting, wax carving, sublimation, and riveting, materials and processes to enable the design and manufacture of a range of products. By using the lathe which is very useful and handy to design, […]

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Shadow Ring

Shadow Ring: Something Precious project By Taekyoung Yun Material: gold-plated gilding metal My favourite piece of jewellery is ‘Shadow Ring’ that was my first design since I started focusing on my major at School of Jewellery. This project called ‘Something Precious’. I really considered what is my something precious? My dream? Family? And any objects […]

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