Travelling to A.E Wards & Son in London

Sometimes I need to refresh my mind. Today I have been to London to have a look around jewellery stores and ended up in A.E Wards & Son where you can buy various types of gemstones.

For my commercial products, I would like to see gemstones in person and figured out which stones or what sizes of the stones would be good for my design.

I enjoyed having a look around and talked about myself and the New Designers in London. Then I made a new friend at the shop.

It was nice to share anything with people and have contact details each other.

From university and my complex thinking, I am glad to refresh my mind and it helps me feeling much better.

Sometimes I need 🙂

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I am a jewellery student in the UK. I strongly have interest in Jewellery and Fashion. As a student, I want to keep my own projects on my website. I would like to communicate with anyone to share and build up with ideas and inspirations of the design fields with amazing people.

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