Who I am

Taekyoung Yun: A contemporary fine jewellery designer/student

I would love to learn more about jewellery and fashion fields, communicate with professional people and students who are the same as me studying Art&Design fields, and explore new amazing art and design.

Currently studying Design for Industry at
School of Jewellery in Birmingham City University(BCU), UK. 


Travelling in Italy for holidays

For my Easter holiday, I spend 5 days in Italy. I had journeyed from Birmingham to London Victoria Station, London Stansted Airport, and Lamezia Airport in Italy. The flight was only for 2-3 hours. But I spent 13hours to get to Italy. 

In London Airport…. waiting for the gate..

In Joppolo where is really quiet, beautiful, and peaceful place. There were not lots of visitors at the time. But, in the summer, it must be crowded. I really like different shapes of cactus in the areas. 

I had Onion gelato in the shop because the owner recommended it. But it was just onion and sweet.